At Finkraft

it’s not just our clients who love us

Join a team at Finkraft that loves tackling challenges head-on, where innovation and creativity are celebrated, and success is achieved through teamwork and perseverance.


We challenge the status quo. Every day!

Redefining the norm is in our DNA.

At Finkraft, we embrace the power of innovation and challenge conventional thinking every day. Our fearless approach allows us to break barriers, drive change, and make a meaningful difference in the world of finance and technology.

Powered by A.I.

Driven by Values

Our cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms deliver innovative solutions that transform industries. But it's not just about the technology for us. Our core values serve as our compass, guiding our decisions and actions every step of the way.



We foster a culture of continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with A.I. technology. We embrace creativity and strive for groundbreaking solutions that drive positive change.



We believe in the power of collaboration. By working together, we leverage our diverse perspectives and expertise to achieve remarkable outcomes. We value teamwork, open communication, and mutual support.



We are committed to transparency, honesty, and trust in all our interactions. Our actions are guided by a strong sense of responsibility and accountability.



Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to understanding their needs, delivering exceptional value, and building long-lasting relationships. We go above and beyond to exceed their expectations


Growth Mindset

We embrace a growth mindset, always seeking opportunities to learn, improve, and evolve. We encourage continuous professional development, providing a supportive environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.



We are driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact. We strive to create solutions that have a positive influence on businesses, industries, and society as a whole. We believe in using technology for the greater good.

Best-in-the-industry compensation

Performance-based incentives

Comprehensive health insurance coverage

Flexible work hours and remote work options

Generous vacation and paid-time off policies

Health and wellness benefits

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)

Sabbatical leave options for extended time off

Professional development and training opportunities

Employee loan programs or financial wellness resources

We love making things

really simple...

Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we find the right fit for our team and that you have a smooth and positive experience throughout the journey. Here's an overview of our hiring process:

  1. Submit Application

    Submit your application through our online portal, showcasing your skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the role.

  2. Initial Screening

    Our hiring team carefully reviews each application and selects candidates who align with our requirements and values.

  3. Interviews & Assessments

    We conduct interviews, including phone/video calls and in-person meetings, to understand your skills, experience, and fit. Additional assessments may be requested based on the role to evaluate your abilities and suitability.

  4. Decision & Offer

    After a comprehensive evaluation, we make a decision and extend an offer to the successful candidate. We strive to make the process as efficient as possible while ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation

Hear it from our amazing team

Amit Singh

2+ Years @ FinKraft

Food Vlogger | Senior Software Engineer

Working at Finkraft has been an incredible journey. The collaborative environment and cutting-edge projects have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally as a skilled software engineer.